I just love this advert from Apple.

Posted 1 year ago

Design Principles at airhubber

Strive for simplicity

Kill the noise! Design for mobile regardless of platform. Having limited real estate keeps you laser focused on simplicity.  We aim to ensure each decision we make is guided by our passion for keeping things simple.

Iterate, again and again

From the start, we wanted airhubber to be a better way to have conversations with those people we care about.  We believe we’ve made a good start but we know that the more the product is used the more we learn and the better we can make it.  The spirit of constant iteration and improvement remains core to every decision we make.

Be thoughtful 

Each interaction, feature and design element should enhance your experience. We don’t want to add anything simply for the sake of adding it. Nothing should stand in the way of your enjoyment of sharing time with those people you care about most.

Posted 1 year ago
Posted 1 year ago